Jilo aparments - unique apartments situated in the quiet and picturesque street of Stefan Batory in Cracow. Excellent location - less than 10 minutes walk from the Market Square or Old Kleparz, 15 minutes from the Wawel Castle and the Main Railway Station. Close to all the major attractions of Krakow, but at the same time out off the beaten track, allowing you to relax and feel the authentic atmosphere of the city. Also nearby cafes and bars are an excellent alternative to the expensive places on the Market Square. You will love them because of desigh, space, comfort, and sun coming trought hudge, french windows.

About apartments

About apartments

The apartments are under general repairs. Front windows were enlarged to the so-called "french windows". The low, wide sill is a wonderful place to sit for morning coffee with a book or newspaper - especially since the southern exposure provides sunlight for almost a whole day. You can look for the roofs of the old city. In good weather sometimes even polish mountains - Tatry...

Great localization

Market Square - 500 m
Wawel Castle - 1400 m
Main Railway Station - 1000 m

High standard

Kitchens with full household
appliances, bathrooms with
towels and toiletries

Family rooms

Spacious interiors
for 3-4 persons


Free high speed
internet for guests

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The apartment will delight all those who appreciate open space, plenty of light, industrial interiors and films.
The size of the apartment is 45 m2.
Most of the furnitures in the apartment were made by a sculptor - Tomasz Kulka, who used the wood from destroyed walls. He combined them with iron and made an unique bed, a table of welded hydraulic pipes and cabinets tops. Reflectors came from an old theater in Paris. Radiators are cast iron Faviers known well from the PRL times - made by traditional method in Bydgoszcz. Contacts are the original 70s found in Lisbon. Lamps on the wall come from the Krakow flea market on Grzegórzki. Jowita - transistor radio -were survived from a basement - it's still working fine and you can still listen to the Zet Chili radio or the Golden Hits.
The bathroom has a beautiful, black, stone shower and underfloor heating.
On the walls are film posters - Metropolis - Fritz Lang movie brought from the Film Museum in Paris, Blade Runner - great work of Michał Książek  and the Hotel of Love - poster of Japanese documentary presented at the Krakow Film Festival.
There is also photo of Gusa Van Santa with Keanu Reevs autograph, who was unknowingly becoming the author of the name “jilo” :)

Maximum number of people in the apartment:

Apartment with balcony

2 bedrooms apartment for admirers of the classic climate from XX century. Apartment have 58 m2. Though thoroughly rebuilt, it retained all the most important elements of the 30s - beautiful double doors with original glass, parquet floor typical for palace pattern, windows were reproduced in original designs.

The living room has 32 m2 - it will appeal to all who love the sun and the space.
The kitchenette is an original, old sideboard that has side cabinets attached. They include modern elements - a gas plate, an oven and a large ceramic sink.

Eclecticism is made up of accessories from the 1960s, a steel lamp - one of PRL's export projects, radiators and the cult SMEG refrigerator.
On the wals - Merylin Monroe design by Andy Warchol, Andrzej Krajewski - Pulp Fiction and Fight Club by Michał Książek - the leading polish poster designers.

The bathroom was restored to remind 30's. Oak table with old antique battery from fea market on Grzegórzki, cast iron tub with leo paws acoat.
You will find there also oryginal Osvaldo Borsani hanger from 60'.

The bedroom from backyard side gives peace and quiet and a nice shaded balcony. The walls are decorated with photos of Helmut Newton. The backyard is large, green and intimate.

The anteroom, which is quite unusual, has a window overlooking the auxiliary staircase that once was intended for servants.

Maximum number of people in the apartment:


Jolanta Malawska
Batorego 7/9
31-135 Kraków
tel +48 607 066 800

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